We have implemented and improved our tax systems and programs with a new digital encrypted tax preparation and filing service called Link by Intuit that helps us to practically eliminate electronic theft. You may now upload (securely) most of your tax documents through our web system to speed up and track the progress! I encourage you do do so. Call or email us to get started!  Watch the video here. 

Link Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is Link? 

Link is an online portal that makes it easy for you to upload your tax documents and data and send them to us in a timely, secure, and organized way.

2- How do you get your tax documents to us?

We will initiate an email invitation to you through Link.  Once you receive and accept this invitation you will be able to complete your personalized checklist and upload your tax documents from any computer or mobile device.  The checklist helps you monitor the progress and know when you have completed the uploads.  Once complete, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

3- How secure is Link?

Link utilizes 256-bit encryption and stores all data on U.S. servers. Learn more about our security measures… 

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