Hello I’m so happy to be using Mr. Stubbs as my tax preparer. I was going to H&R Block and was not getting a great return, so my sister suggested I use Mr. Stubbs and boy was I happy. I have not looked back since and it’s been five years. Thank you Mr. Stubbs for the great work you’ done for me and my family.

Angela Frankson January 22, 2018

‘Martin Stubbs has been preparing my taxes for more than 20 years now. I was introduced to Martin’s services by my beloved older sister, Deborah. I had recently graduated from college and had just started at my first ‘real’ job. My sister was very critical and selective with whom she entrusted her financial and business affairs to, so her recommendation was all that I needed to know that I was in good hands.

I was also coming off of a bad past experience with H & R Block for tax preparations so I was looking for a reliable source to handle my tax preparations moving forward into my adult life.  Martin did not disappoint. He is always kind, polite and professional. He stays on top of the changing tax laws in the different states that he services.  He takes the time to listen to your questions and then thoroughly explains things to ensure you understand.

He also thinks ahead to possible lifestyle changes and gives advise on how to best proceed to ensure the best outcome from a financial perspective. And all of the people who work for Martin seem carry his commitment for courtesy and professionalism forward in their dealings with customers.  Everyone is always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate needs of their customers. I consider Martin to be an extension of my family.

And as my older sister did for me many years ago, I continued the tradition by entrusting Martin to prepare my daughter’s tax returns now that she had come into adulthood. He began preparing her tax returns when she started working part time jobs in high school and continues now that she is in college. My daughter looks forward to the yearly visits from ‘Mr. Martin’ to prepare her taxes. I trust Martin Stubbs to continue to prepare my family’s taxes and provide financial recommendations for many years to come!’

Thank you.

Felicia Gentry January 10, 2018

Martin was first recommended to me for tax preparation from my neighbor in January of 1988. Since that time, my parents, and brother and several friends also began to have Martin prepare their taxes.  We would schedule the last appointment, usually on a Saturday night, and all meet.  Bets were often taken to the actual time he would arrive.  Dinner was always a part of the process.  He has prepared our taxes in a blizzard, pushing snow with his front bumper when he finished at my home.  He has prepared our taxes by candlelight when there was a major power outage in our town.  We have had many laughs, and created some great memories, all through the process of tax preparation.  Last year’s appointment was on Valentine’s Day.  We shared a family tradition of heart shaped meatloaf and pink mash potatoes.

R G New Jersey January 8, 2018

Martin Stubbs for us is not just our accountant and financial advisor, he is part of our family. We’ve known him now for over 14 years, and we have established a tradition in the family every year during tax season, we call it "tax return and dinner at home."

He is knowledgeable, experienced and reliable, not to mention a real gentleman.
A professional accountant we wouldn’t trade for anybody else. And his staff of professionals are the best.

We met him in the worst of times, when I had suffered a terrible automobile accident, and couldn’t get any accountant to come to see me at home, to do my taxes that year, because I was semi-paralyzed it was impossible for me to go see them personally at their offices.

Mr. Stubbs attended my call for assistance and immediately came to my house and took care of my yearly tax return, diligently and in a convenient manner. He also was extremely reasonable with his professional fees, considering the hardship I was going through at that time. God bless him and all his staff always.

Cesar E. Jarmillo Orlando, Florida December 15, 2017

I am writing on behalf of Martin Stubbs. My experience with Martin Stubbs, person of excellent, dependable and very knowledgeable in his profession. My husband passed in April, Martin was available to answer and help with any questions. A person of true character that I can trust.

Jacqueline Carter New Jersey November 30, 2017

"I'm very demanding. I expect my tax preparer to be dependable, knowledgable, current regarding new tax laws and how this laws will impact my return. I expect accuracy when making calculations and to guarantee the return in the event there is a discrepancy with the IRS.

For over 30-years, Martin Stubbs Tax Service has provided me with outstanding service. I have no reservation about recommending this firm to my family and friends and have done so over the years.

Michelle Kerr Brooklyn, New York September 15, 2017